The Merchant (2012)

Genre : Thriller

Cast : Mathew Greer as Mathew , David K. Shelton as Samuel Rueben , Kari J. Kramer as Sarah , Jaysen Dry as Patrick Mitchell , Robby Robertson as Father Christopher Long , Allen Reed as Belial , Larry Michael Hall as Levi , David Ford as Paul other cast: , Shane Land as Young Micallif, Jena Waldron as Can-Can #2, Coleman Lannum as Dan Markson

Plot : Hell has present itself to the town of Burning Bush. The per annum is 1895, furthermore the town has fallen into gambling, prostitution, furthermore loan-sharking, save for as the town’s benefactor, William Big Bill Micallef, must variety fine on a pact manufactured and the demon Belial, it’s the innocents of Burning Bush who must pay and blood. Now, a spouses of tender ranch-hands, a pregnant widow, a can-can dancer, a Haitian bartender, furthermore a booze-swilling gunslinger must clash since their lives for Belial designs to kill the finalize thing furthermore everybody inside town furthermore reap the souls promised him.

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