Alien Dawn (2012)

Genre : Sci-Fi

Cast : Rachelle Dimaria as Marissa J. McKellen , Brooke Lewis as Chiara Pellegrini , Alex Bell as Anders Kaczynski , Michael Abruscato as Roger Kaczynski , Tiffany Adams as Sera Michaels , Tiffany Martin as Tiffany Lewis , Cynthia Martin as Joni Mitchell , Iva Franks Singer as Field Reporter / Rhonda Palin , Giovanni V. Giusti as Pierpaolo DeMejo , Angela T. Baesa as Tamika Laan , Daniel Bridges as Sgt. Rennick , Neil Johnson as David Coverdale , Alana Kearns-Green as Exploding christian woman

Plot : 2012. The morning time of destruction. As huge distant machines enslave in addition to feed off humanity, the few odd man out survivors band joined to build a supplied defense force that will troth the closing platform opposed to sum extinction.

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