The Possession (2012)

Genre : Horror, Thriller

Cast : Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Clyde , Natasha Calis as Em , Kyra Sedgwick as Stephanie , Jay Brazeau as Professor McMannis , Madison Davenport as Hannah , Matisyahu as Tzadok , Grant Show as Brett , Rob LaBelle as Russell , Nana Gbewonyo as Darius , Anna Hagan as Eleanor , Brenda Crichlow as Miss Shandy , Iris Quinn as Doctor , Graeme Duffy as Lab Tech , David Hovan as Adan , Chris Shields as Assistant Coach , Adam Young as Preston , Jim Thorburn as First Responder

Plot : A youthful missy buys an antique box at a courtyard sale, uninformed that within the collectible lives a cruel getting on spirit. The girl’s father teams as well as his ex-wife to contemplate a characteristic to finalize the spell upon their child.

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