The Possession (2012)

Genre : Horror, Thriller

Cast : Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyra Sedgwick, Grant Show as Brett, Madison Davenport as Hannah, Natasha Calis as Em, Agam Darshi, Quinn Lord as Actor, Rob LaBelle as Russell, Nana Gbewonyo as Darius, John Cassini as Stephanie’s Attorney, Matisyahu as Tzadok, Erin Simms as Possessed Italian Girl, Amanda Dyar as Sidewalk Passerby, Jim Thorburn as Man, Anna Hagan as Eleanor, Graeme Duffy as Lab Tech, James O’Sullivan, Kyle Cornell as Student, Adam Young, David Hovan as Rabbi Adan, Sharmaine Yeoh as Possessed Islamic Girl, Steve Saunders as Hasidic Jew, Jarett John as Moss

Plot : A teen damsel buys an antique box at a patio sale, ignorant that in the collectible lives a spiteful more matured spirit. The girl’s father teams also his ex-wife to adjudge a track to full the jinx upon their child.

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