Murder University (2012)

Genre : Horror

Cast : Sara Murphy as Hallie, Nick Apostolides as Loco Larry, Jocelyn Padilla as Jackie, Christopher L. Ferreira as Tom, Nathaniel Sylva as Mark, Samantha Acampora as Meg, Bernard Larrivee Jr as Ben the Hippie, Rich Tretheway as Professor McKinnon, Theresa Dern as Gina, Michael Thurber as Forresster, Daniel Lee White as Blake, Kevin Killavey as Ryan, John Mosetich as Conway, Tom Lavallee as Gouged Eye Guy, Erin M. Olson as Tied-Up Girl, Andre Boudreau as Jerry the Hippie, Rob Roy as Steve

Plot : A sequences of brutal, cult-like murders are capturing vicinity at a New England college. Josh Greene, a shy freshman, is the remaining survivor of a serial of murders that are appreciate the same row of killings a number of twenty time prior. As he tries to find out the undisclosed at the back of the attacks, he is united by Detective Forrester, who was instrumental inside halting the bloodshed before, furthermore his female child Meg, who more established just about escaped someone a victim previously.

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