Jiggly Baby 3: The Curse of Adramelech (2012)

Genre : Horror

Cast : Tanya Mutdosch, Tom Mutdosch, Nick Sandonato, Nitin Dahyabhai

Plot : David keeps creating dreams. Bad dreams. He is persistently haunted by the picture of a kid doll. So seemingly child-like along with innocent. But for he uncovers extra of the truth, he begins to comprehend that this evil probably works deeper than a unused kid doll. And as imagine becomes certainty along with his heading along with friends are gripped into his existing nightmare, David must quest to set an consummate to it only once along with given that all. In this fast-paced dread comedy, David along with his those on the brink of him are embattled by an army of kid dolls. Do they submit to what on earth it takes out to comprehend the cause of this evil, along with set a bring to a standstill to it only once inside given that all?

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