The Brides of Sodom (2012)

Genre : Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Cast : Domiziano Arcangeli as Samuel , David Taylor as Eros , Rachel Zeskind as Persephone , Dylan Vox as Dyonisus , Beverly Lynne , Peter Stickles as Dominic rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Tara Alexis as Cybil, Jess Allen as Head Satroi, Zaina Juliette Ark’Keenya as Tenebre Letum (as Arkeni), Robin Bain as Sandy, Dahlia Dark as Alexandra, Dolce Death as Ginger

Plot : Set inside a occupation apocalyptic universe where vampires accepted since Greek gods, furthermore witches rule. It is a classic vampire account also many authentic twists: The blueprint centers with statement to a man vampire accepted Eros who falls inside warmth also a personality…

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