Una vita in gioco (2012)

Genre : Drama

Cast : Diego Riccobene as Vito , Bobo Danciu as Vito – bambino , Alberto Mosca as Padre di Vito , Tiziana Imperi as Mamma di Vito , Orfeo Orlando as Adriano , Novello Novelli as Nonno di Vito , Giuseppe Scaglione as Marco , Davide Di Donato as Gino , Lidia Napoli as Sabrina Messi

Plot : Vito comes fancy a lower-class grading that lives a still life. He becomes a uncontrollable gambler behind an effortless risk while he is a trifle speck more matured than a child. Bad controls forbid him fancy stopping his habits. He moves removed from the city inside the trust of one more subsistence furthermore a improved about to happen then again the times of yore is not constantly simple to overlook furthermore also while you don't crave it comes cooperate with to gander given that you.

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