The Young Believers (2012)

Genre : Drama

Cast : Tanaka Kelsey as Delilah , Taylor Ryan II as Luke , Moore Eryn as Leah , Vielkind Brandon as David , Sid Curtis as Jude , Newman Gabriel as Mookie , Miller La Quinthia as Laverne , Hodges Rhonda as Delilah’s Mom , Okoh Andrew as Grandpa , Gerren Natasha as Lukes Mom , Gerren Tai as Himself , Merchant John as Music Producer

Plot : Four Christian youth attempt to carry a pledge to remain unpolluted furthermore righteous inside The Young Believers. Bound to a joint transaction to keep elsewhere from drinking, drugs, furthermore premarital gender all the trait through pricey school, longtime friends Delilah, David, Leah, furthermore Luke make temptation furthermore difficulty inside their senior year. First, Delilah faces stress fancy her boyfriend to acquire their relationship to one more level.

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