The Three Ages of Sasha (2012)

Genre : Drama

Cast : Cat Commander as Amy Wiseman, Mahesh Jadu as Nasir Khan, Sean McIntyre as John Ross, Samantha Morley as Jackie Ross Khan

Plot : Jackie is an common small grown grown-up person alive an common being alive inside the suburbs as soon as she meets handsome, Nasir, with it’s friendliness initially sight. They obtain got married to with little one Sasha is born. Over a term Jackie realises the mature man she got married to is not the tall sinister knight sent to rescue her like a being alive of drudgery, to a certain extent he is the jailer to a being alive of violence with abuse. As Sasha runs like little one to teenager subsequently teenager to small adult, her bringing to light to home violence moulds her with skews her experience compass. The take to each other between mommy with baby girl grows eternally tougher with Jackie will impede at zilch to protect her daughter, no matter the outcome.

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