"Tell Me You Love Me" (2007)

Genre : Drama, Romance

Cast : (Series Cast Summary – 15 of 36) , Michelle Borth as Jaime (10 episodes, 2007), Tim DeKay as David (10 episodes, 2007), Aislinn Paul as Isabella (10 episodes, 2007), Adam Scott as Palek (10 episodes, 2007), Sonya Walger as Carolyn (10 episodes, 2007), Ally Walker as Katie (10 episodes, 2007), Jane Alexander as Dr. May Foster (10 episodes, 2007), Katharine Towne as Mason (9 episodes, 2007), David Selby as Arthur Foster (9 episodes, 2007), Ryan Wynott as Joshua Walker (9 episodes, 2007), Josh Folan as Himself (9 episodes, 2007), Ginger Kroll as Herself (9 episodes, 2007), Luke Kirby as Hugo (8 episodes, 2007), Ian Somerhalder as Nick (6 episodes, 2007), Sherry Stringfield as Rita (6 episodes, 2007)

Plot : A drama on the matter of three couples in addition to the therapist they share.

Run Time : 60 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Los Angeles, California, USA

Company : Home Box Office (HBO)

Trivia : In a study in addition to “The A.V. Club”, Adam Scott stated that his holdings given that this present oneself went exceedingly certainly into what on earth style of also how a lot of nudity he may possibly ought to show. He in addition stated that sec they were negotiating the contract, the showrunners required him to believe to sensual nudity, except whilst he balked at that, they got bend of a prosthetic penis that he versed to wear also his character’s mate (played by ‘Sonia Walger’) versed to handle. It was rigged to “ejaculate” by making a prop woman hiding in the rear of a couch to pump hair conditioner done it.

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