Spaz (2012)

Genre : Drama

Cast : Spencer List as Oliver Nicholas , Pilar López de Ayala as Luna Nicholas , Adriana Barraza as Aida , Eric Nelsen as Valerio , Tommy Nelson as Nick , Courtney Baxter as Adriana Nicholas , Heather Braverman as Lila other cast: , Adam LeFevre as Kimo, Lindsay MacDonald as High School Student, Carlos Velazquez as Young Priest, Lee Wilkof as Herbert, LuLu Roche as The Nurse, Marlee Roberts as Annabel, Ashley Reyes as Daisy, Steve Axelrod as Mr. Witness, Jared Marchitell as Patrick, Rosalind Lipsett as Mary, Margo Covone as Tessa, Terrence Montgomery as Mr. Cantwell

Plot : In 1983, Oliver Nicholas, at thirteen, is well-poised to W Indian reach the precocious youth universe of first-sex, vodka furthermore possible-love inside New York City as soon as he is traumatized by the stroke of his housekeeper (and sole specific maternal figure), a sixty-five-year-old Chilean man accepted Aida.

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