Life Just Is (2012)

Genre : Drama

Cast : Will de Meo as David , Jack Gordon as Pete , Nathaniel Martello-White as Tom , Paul Nicholls as Bobby , Fiona Ryan as Claire , Jayne Wisener as Jay , Rachel Bright as Anna , Jason Croot as Walahfrid , Vanessa Govinden as Michelle , Andrew Hawley as Nick , Lachlan McCall as Lawrence , Joshua Osei as Vince , Niall Phillips as Ollie , Alix Wilton Regan as Zoe , Gillian Wisener as Beth , Anna Brook as Waitress

Plot : Pete, Tom, Claire furthermore Jay are university graduates creating difficulty gaining the switch into naughty life. Beneath the hovering out furthermore the each day preferences simmers Pete’s need to adjudge a psychological resolution to life’s meaning, Jay’s fraught hunger not to find impair again, furthermore Tom furthermore Claire’s constantly growing shared attraction.

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