Jonah Lives (2012)

Genre : Drama, Horror, Thriller

Cast : James Barrett as Tony, Ryan Boudreau as Francis, Brina as Zora’s Girlfriend, Nina Darcy as Little girl, Nicole Lasala as Lydia, John Joseph Lindsey as 1st Male Swinger, Matthias Lupri as 2nd Male Swinger, David Nuovo as Francis Father, Jocelyn Padilla as Barabra, Aaron Peaslee as Jessie, Cesar Pereira as Jonah, Rob Roy as Johnny, Brinke Stevens as Zora, Arthur Wahlberg as Lead Detective

Plot : A account of retribution like further from the grave, centering on a section of young people who unknowingly find the catalyst as the slaughter Jonah’s come back like the grave. A daylight similar to any different inside a town not peculiar that judged the conclude thing across the country, compatible tykes perched out, laughing, gratifying each other’s company. When the dimness removes far more than the daylight with monotony kinds in, they get back their basement hangout. Francis, the self-imposed head of the group, a wannabe mystic, decides to mess around in addition to their makes with breaks out a Spirit Board. Eagerly the tourney is played with rapidly they style verbal exchange in addition to the cast down Spirit of Jonah. They start off to refer to studies with rapidly ascertain how, when, with why Jonah was slaughter inside his lifetime.

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