Dream On (2012)

Genre : Drama

Cast : Bradley Cross as Paul , Joe Gosling as George , Janet Bamford as Denise , Emily Spowage as Angharad , Matthew Seber as Norman other cast: , Derek Lawson as Rehab leader, Michael Ross as Mark, Nicola Jeanne as April, Zoe Iqbal as Trish, Haydn Holden as Gethin, Mark Hill as Larry, Sian Hill as Jean, Annie Wallace as Barmaid, Betty Webster as Betty

Plot : The way of precise care achieves not surge smoothly given that two little lads inside Norman’s Cozy Welsh campsite inside the mid 80s. Paul, an harmless northerner enjoys Rochdale, meets George, a jack the lad, edgy little lady enjoys London. Paul has transpire on Holy Day in addition to his domineering mamma Denise also her struggles to influence him, although comic, hurl him moreover into servitude in addition to George. Both teens have a pipe dream of flee other than their dreams submit to ample ups also downs inside the way of Dream On.

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