Ape (2012)

Genre : Drama

Cast : Joshua Burge as Trevor Newandyke , Gary Bosek as Dennis Spicer , Jason Roth as Dorito Guy other cast: , Teri Nelson as Barb, Victoria Mullen as 7-11 Woman, Daniel Falicki as The Devil, Benjamin Riley as Bum, Michael Saunders as Bicycle Thief, Kevin Clancy as Tim, Charlotte Ambrose as Sidewalk lady, Joel Schmoel as Wolfman, Nicholas Fairbanks as Bathroom heckler, Melissa Gleason as Passerby, Sheryl Sprague as Bus Stop Lady

Plot : TTrevor Newandyke is a under pressure comedian. Not solitary completes he bomb on stage, nonetheless he bombs inside each day life. To him, it’s the trivial subjects that issue most. He’s tired of something in addition to the threats loves the cable company, 7-11 raising the value of the Slurpee, with the inclusive lot the jerks who imagine they may well work flat out him around. All he needs is a break, with as a person to capture him. Not everyone, basically someone.

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