A.L.F. (2012)

Genre : Drama

Cast : Alexandre Laigner as Franck , Alice Pehlivanyan as Sarah , Jean-Pierre Loustau as Chartier , Stéphane Rouabah as Yann , Dorothée Brière as Emma , Maxime Lecluyse as Marco , Ophélie Koering as Solenne , Lucie Rébéré as Chloé , Laurent Jumeaucourt as Belvaux , Didier Sandre as Le Psychiatre , Patrick Mimoun as Lionel

Plot : What happened, that 24th of December? This is whatsoever officer Chartier needs to take for out. To understand, he will got to go off pitch inside with 48 hours in the beginning to Franck’s Christmas eve. Franck is an little drama-teacher by day, then again further belongs to a nameless along with leaderless militant organisation – the Animal Liberation Front. These conducts are jump by a limitless consideration towards mistreated animals, along with will got to make an appearance guts to end a dare they taste been planning given that months.

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