Skyler (2012)

Genre : Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller

Cast : Dean J. West as Ross / Skyler , Kristi Engelmann as Stephanie , Tony Moras as Scott , Annemarie Pazmino as Amanda , Drew Gallagher as Jason , Jazen Anderson as Emica , Michelle West as Amy , Jamie Hill as Betsy , Da’Vone McDonald as Big Steve , Brian Murphy as Jake , Brian Patrick Murphy as Jake , Patrick Reina as Craig

Plot : Ross Westmore battles his sexual addictions to excepting his relationship and the care of his life, Stephanie, also to rescue his being alive loves the deplorable way he has chosen. Ross aims to subdue his demons inside a planet of temptation, placing him inside several tricky states also interjecting him to pilot a secret, dual being alive because his alter-ego Skyler.

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