I Against I (2012)

Genre : Crime, Thriller

Cast : Kenny Doughty as Ian Drake , Ingvar Eggert Sigurðsson as Issac Revchenko , Mark Womack as Joseph Carmichael , Sónia Balacó as Sophia Carmichael , John Castle as Tommy Carmichael , Robert Shannon as Hitman , Epeli Taione as Tonga , Paul McGrattan as Sam , Ian Keir Attard as Terrance , Francesca Kingdon as Danielle , Jenna Goodwin as Helen Revchenko , Sahil Kumar as Paul , Ally Palmer as Harvey , David Capris as Hotel Receptionist

Plot : Focusing on the timeless issues of jealousy, murder in addition to betrayal, I Against I is compilation excess of one and only middle of the night in addition to utilises various term lyrics to demonstrate a gloomy in addition to unintended judgment to an easy conundrum premise. The cardinal protagonists, opposite inside character, receive a frenzied voyage into a desolate nocturnal planet along furthermore the general ambition of survival, even if only once completed, the organization reveals a snare loves which break out may well engagement impossible.

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