Trashology (2012)

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Rodney Horn as Big Debbie / Laura / Larry / Ms. Green / Victim , Douglas Conner as Melissa / George , Brian Dorton as Katrina Lizhope / Michael , Laura Lee Black as Tracy , Angie Keeling as Claudia , Jenny Coulter as Beatrice , Rachel Stout as Ann , Fritz Dorton as Damone , Kelli Ellis as Helen , Joe Slack as Quentin , Tammy Shields as Peggy , Nick Hans as Joe Wong , Molly Karl as Young Katrina , Karli Kerr as Tabitha Corbit , Brad Anderson as Random Guy , Ruthie Hodge as Helpful Woman , Edward Sim as Robber

Plot : After a well-built lady is forlorn at the altar, she move into two guys that peculiarity her to fulfill their peculiar sexual fetish. When solitary unintentionally dies, they’re constraint to remove the body… the merely problem: a fruity woman on the snapping point witnesses the ditching as anyhow as blackmails each other into killing her cheating girlfriend.

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