The Extra (2013)

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Tyrone Power Jr. as Derrick Stone / Joe Fierrereaux , John Saxon as Victor Vallient , Angela Oakenfold as Mary , Lila Urda as Brooke Banks , Tom Tangen as Maxie Maxwell , Eddy Salazar as Will Hart , Ray Quiroga as The Director , David Imani as Tommy , Inge Jaklyn as Hattie Pin , Mike Quiroga as Camera Man , Javier Montoya as Vincent , Alicia Glaser as Alice , Brian Dare as Rick , Carla Laemmle as Minnie , Pablo Cruz as Pablo , Xango Henry as Domonique , David Carreno as Sam , Jeff Schuetze as Steve , Zach Silverman as Johnny / Lt. Johnson , C.J. Morrow as The General , Carla Collins as Laura Winters

Plot : Bad boy picture megastar Derrick Stone books himself because a new because a prank. When he arrives on set, no person recognizes him because Derrick Stone.

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