Rearview (2013)

Genre : Comedy, Crime, Drama

Cast : Fresno Phinx as Fresno , Alicia Kapudag as Serafina , Lawrence Bill as Sonny , Mark Grice as Francois ‘Demigo’ Liotta , Dave Thompson as Bob , Norie Nersisyan as Jack , Bobbi Jaye as Daphne , John Burkitt as Killer , Tracey Biina as Sonny’s Girl , Anna Jankovich as Jack’s Girl , Mladen Lukic as Fighter 1 , Issac Jirjis as Fighter 2 , Joey Jirjis as Fighter 3 , Artur Martirosian as Attacker , J√§rvi Raudsepp as Ballerina , Christine Cuddie as Rachelle

Plot : Looking succour at continuation bask in a new level. As the yarn of Rearview develops, Fresno’s continuation unravels also we determine why he is fixed inside the past.

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