Nipples & Palm Trees (2011)

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Akihiro Kitamura as Phil, Dallas Malloy as Cali, Matthew James as Jackson, Sarah Kozer as Sandra- the Flower Child, Sadie Katz as Harmony, Will Morales as Al i.e. Hood, Mark Irvingsen as Wayne – the Hippie Priest, David Kallaway as Gus, Kiyomi Fukazawa as Jenny, Drevon Cooks as Marv, Joycelyne Lew as Sue, Vanessa Rose Parker as Liz, Cary Thompson as Cary, Jackie Kamm as C.C., Joseph Beck as Rod

Plot : A sip plus out cruise into a abode of arousing plus unusual sexual encounters. Jackson is a harassed performer and a deadened entire vocation plus a awful fondness life. Lately his loneliness is accomplishing the paramount of him plus he finds himself hoping something added out life.

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