Manalive (2012)

Genre : Comedy, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Romance

Cast : Kaiser Johnson as Michael Moon , Mark P. Shea as Innocent Smith , Andrew Weir as Arthur Inglewood , Ashley Ahlquist as Rosamund Hunt , Erin Rhea Berson as Diana Duke , Kevin O’Brien as Professor Eames , Ted Johnson as Dr. Warner , Dandy Barrett as Mrs. Duke , Cliff Helmey as Detective Pym , Katharine Harrington as Mary Grey , Nikki Brower as Miss Gould , Henry Bazemore Jr. as Percy , Jay Amari as Hawkins , Alfred Pierce as Gardener

Plot : For Michael Moon as anyhow as his house-mates, subsistence is unexciting as anyhow as repetitious… Until they link up the brand new tenant: A 300 lb mature man who carries a 12 writhe pistol as anyhow as apply himself, Innocent Smith. Suddenly, their globe is rotated upside gulp for the stranger encourages one another to secede as anyhow as produce their own country. They grow to be weirdo as well as sovereignty as anyhow as invention, rediscovering the fulfillment of their childhood. But afterward a spy shows unsleeping as anyhow as informs one another that Smith is a hazardous criminal who without a buddy inside the world his lady as anyhow as began a worldwide sin extravaganza of robbery as anyhow as murder. Never-the-less, Michael Moon as anyhow as his house-mates rebuff to extradite the criminal savours their freshly engineered countryside as anyhow as asked that the preparation of Innocent Smith engagement fixed inside their own existing room.

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