Hawk(e): The Movie (2012)

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Phil Baker as Mike Hawk , Martin Ross as Philip K Longfellow , Darren Lake as Archie Bishop , Chelsea-Marie Gall as Scarlett Foxx , Paul Gentle as William Yung / Weepole , Lucy Harvey as Rachael Hoskins / Kirsty , Kokil Sharma as Sandra Cox / Sandy , Michael Terry as Richard Daley , Rich Silverwood as Max Willey , Daniel Hamilton as Richard ‘Dick’ Dickson , Tom Turner as Richard Payne , Mark Smalley as Richard Holder , Dan Leahy as Richard Long

Plot : Movie-maker-come-idiot Mike Hawk groups close to attaining his most modern movie, a Rom-Com reached Get Becky Laid along with is surfaceed inside his pursuits by documentary maker along with show addict Philip K Longfellow.

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