Blood Rush (2012)

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Horror

Cast : Kerry Finlayson as Kara / Emma , Don Donnelley as Danny , Christy Lee Hughes as Lucy , Helen Soraya as Kate , Samantha Michelle as Jessica , Emrhys Cooper as Tom , John Wuchte as Dr. Travers , Myles Cranford as Witch Doctor , Kaden Graves as Cole Tanner , J.P. Giuliotti as Michael Henderson , Danielle Reierson as Rachel Henderson , Charles Iacuzzo as Sam Pane , Graniston Crawford as Jason , Amanda Barton as Abigail Cross , David Alen Smith as Mayor , Melissa Jobe as Martha Sullivan

Plot : When a minute town is beset as well as a blood lust, the local Witch Doctor is reflection to troth the source. What they don’t acquaint with is that he has a esoteric agenda.

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