Beach Bar: The Movie (2012)

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Jerry Shea as Mark Zbeitnefski / Dad / Mom / Grandpa , Rachele Brooke Smith as Sara West , John Patrick Jordan as Steve ‘Brewski’ Brewster , Ally Maki as Ireene Saki Zbeitnefski and Merbaby (voice) , Gene Rathswohl as Zac , Rico E. Anderson as Darius ‘Ice Pyk’ Vernon , Ben Rovner as Dr. Carlton Piedmont , Dane White as Dr. Hamilton Manning , Monte Markham as Crabs , Joe Gnoffo as Emanual Van Bolden , Jimmy Diggs as V’Ger , Michael Bell as Doughboy

Plot : Mark well-versed money, friends furthermore fame, at the moment he has a recreant sister, an unsatisfied gangster furthermore his local sea shore inn is sold. Out matched, day-and-night sea shore modus vivendis bale any individual out him unless the bar, his vocation furthermore family? A SoCal sea shore inn scene.

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