Bad Santa (2003)

Director : Terry Zwigoff

Genre : Comedy, Crime, Drama

Cast : Billy Bob Thornton as Willie , Tony Cox as Marcus , Brett Kelly as The Kid , Lauren Graham as Sue , Lauren Tom as Lois , Bernie Mac as Gin , John Ritter as Bob Chipeska , Ajay Naidu as Hindustani Troublemaker , Lorna Scott as Milwaukee Mother , Harrison Bieker as Milwaukee Boy , Alex Borstein as Milwaukee Mom with Photo , Alexandra Korhan as Girl on Santa's Lap , Dylan Charles as Milwaukee Bratty Boy , Billy Gardell as Milwaukee Security Guard , Lisa Ross as Milwaukee Bartender

Plot : A wretched conman also his wife pose since Santa also his Little Helper to rob rank stores on Christmas Eve. But they get wide awake to predicaments whilst the conman befriends a afflicted kid, also the protection chief discovers the plot.

Run Time : 91 min | 88 min (Director's cut) | 98 min (unrated version)

Country : USA | Germany

Language : English

Filming Locations : Los Angeles, California, USA

Company : Dimension Films

Trivia : Larry David was appraised as the role of Willie.

Goofs : Continuity: When Santa gets shot, the affirmation of the holes also the volume of holes are inconsistent.

Tag Lines : He's very naughty . . . and not very nice. [DVD]
He doesn't care if you're naughty or nice.
Get Naughty this Holiday Season.

Plot Summary : "Bad Santa" is the narrative of two conmen who prolong a fashion misstep to malls dressed because Santa along with his elf. Rather than not stopping until okay cheer, the duo’s cause is to rob each establishment, a mannerism that becomes complicated as they come across an 8-year-old who teaches one another the right meaning of Christmas.

The drunkard Willie along with his partner, the midget Marcus, make effort one time a year, proceeding Christmas, dressed similar to Santa Claus along with his helper elf inside cast stores. However, their focused is to rob the district inside the Christmas Eve. When Willie meets a without a friend in the world weight boy along with the blistering bartender Sue, he learns the meaning of Christmas along with gets inside trouble.

Santa with his trivial helper are self assurance citizenry cartridge a shopping mall the entirety rite time of the year with robbing it blind Christmas Eve. The elf "shops" the stores minute Santa pops the shopping mall safe. Following one another completed lone very last time of the year of froward rite cheer you take care to the ‘f’ expression several ceaselessly than inside Scarface. We link up a of age person bartender who has frequently responded to a mania because Santas, with slightly boy who evokes authentic perceptual amend inside Santa.

It is the breadth of the festive rite term with merry clients go through begun their yearly pilgrimages to their local malls. Among the drove is a couple of con men, on a decadent route misstep because Santa with his elf. Rather than coming as far as excellent cheer, the duo’s basis is to rob each establishment, a track that becomes complicated whilst they stumble upon a precocious 8-year of age that teaches each other the right meaning of Christmas.

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