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Key Largo (1948)

Director : John Huston

Genre : Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller

Cast : Humphrey Bogart as Frank McCloud , Edward G. Robinson as Johnny Rocco , Lauren Bacall as Nora Temple , Lionel Barrymore as James Temple , Claire Trevor as Gaye Dawn , Thomas Gomez as Richard 'Curly' Hoff , Harry Lewis as Edward 'Toots' Bass , John Rodney as Deputy Clyde Sawyer , Marc Lawrence as Ziggy , Dan Seymour as Angel Garcia , Monte Blue as Sheriff Ben Wade , William Haade as Ralph Feeney

Plot : A grown grown woman visits his archaic friend’s hotel along with finds a gangster moving things. As a hurricane approaches, the two wind up confronting each other.

Run Time : 100 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Florida Keys, Florida, USA

Company : Warner Bros. Pictures

Trivia : In the film, James Temple describes the 1935 hurricane that ruined Matacumbe Key. This was one in all poorest hurricanes inside U.S. times of yore in addition to variant of the those who suffer of the storm were World War I veterans who were establishing the Florida Keys bit of U.S. Highway 1, further identified for the Overseas Highway. A bit of the toll road is known inside the film’s opening. The storm further generated the lowest-ever recorded barometric difficulty far more than abode inside the North American continent.

Goofs : Factual errors: Describing the summer extreme temperature inside the Keys, Mr. Temple says that it will relax inside November: “The thermometer will bead of sweat to 100 (F, close to 38C)”, implying that summer temperatures are unfailingly more than 100. This is incorrect. The atmospheric condition is humid, nonetheless the round the corner waters medium the temperature. Average summer expensive is 87F (31C). According to the Keys official tourism website, “The most recent it’s constantly been inside Key West is 97

Act of Violence (1948)

Director : Fred Zinnemann

Genre : Thriller, Film-Noir, Drama

Cast : Van Heflin as Frank R. Enley , Robert Ryan as Joe Parkson , Janet Leigh as Edith Enley , Mary Astor as Pat , Phyllis Thaxter as Ann , Berry Kroeger as Johnny , Taylor Holmes as Gavery , Harry Antrim as Fred , Connie Gilchrist as Martha , Will Wright as Pop

Plot : An embittered, vengeful POW stalks his past great officer who betrayed his men’s produced flee war indulge in a Nazi jail camp..

Run Time : 82 min

Country : USA

Language : English | German

Filming Locations : Angel's Flight Railway, Bunker Hill, Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA

Company : Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

Goofs : Continuity: In the view where Enley trees Pat’s room, the hiting Pat all of sudden facilitate take cool in entirely dark to gleaming since no clear reason.

Tag Lines : The manhunt no woman could stop!

Plot Summary : War veteran Frank Enley appears to troth a gladly matrimonial small-town citizen till he realises Joe Parkson is inside town. It appears Parkson is out for the explanation that payback thanks to something that came about inside a German POW camp, in addition to whilst a fearful Enley abruptly foliage for the explanation that a path inside L.A., Parkson is procurable behind.

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Gilda (1946)

Director : Charles Vidor

Genre : Drama, Film-Noir, Romance, Thriller

Cast : Rita Hayworth as Gilda Mundson Farrell , Glenn Ford as Johnny Farrell / Narrator , George Macready as Ballin Mundson , Joseph Calleia as Det. Maurice Obregon , Steven Geray as Uncle Pio , Joe Sawyer as Casey , Gerald Mohr as Capt. Delgado , Mark Roberts as Gabe Evans (as Robert Scott) , Ludwig Donath as German Cartel Member , Donald Douglas as Thomas Langford (as Don Douglas) , Lionel Royce as German , Saul Martell as Little man (as S.Z. Martel) , George J. Lewis as Huerta , Rosa Rey as Maria

Plot : The frightening person-in-charge of a South American casino finds that his right-hand person of carnal age Johnny furthermore his sensuous different mate Gilda before now identify each other.

Run Time : 110 min

Country : USA

Language : English | Spanish | French | German

Company : Columbia Pictures Corporation

Trivia : Features prominently inside The Shawshank Redemption (1994).

Goofs : Factual errors: The New York Blizzard that Gilda sings of, essentially transpired two time in a while inside 1888.

Tag Lines : "I was true to one man once… and look what happened…"
"I didn't think I'd be true to a man again as long as I lived…"
Bewitchy !
RITA HAYWORTH…dynamic as never before…scaling new dramatic heights in her most exciting role!
There NEVER was a woman like Gilda!
I was true to one man once… and look what happened!
Gilda gambles as recklessly as she lives!
Johnny, let me go, please let me go. I can't stand it any more…

Plot Summary : Just got here inside Argentina, small-time crooked gambler Johnny Farrell is protected like a gunman by nightmarish Ballin Mundson, who later on types Johnny his right-hand man. But their friendship relative to common lack of scruples is uncomfortable while Mundson proceeds like a spark off as well as a wife: the supremely recommended Gilda, whom Johnny just solitary occasion knew plus known to hate. The relationship of Johnny plus Gilda, a battlefield of warring emotions, becomes also additional remarkable beyond Mundson disappears…

In Argentina, Johnny Farrell is a stake gambler who gets inside a robbery position plus is insured by Ballin Mundson, an owner of a casino. Johnny starts executing as Ballin because his right-man. The position modifies plus the nearing of Gilda, his spouse previously plus lately conjugal plus Ballin.

Johnny, a authority gambler becomes the perfect hand of Balin, the owner of an illegal casino inside Buenos Aires. This vocation becomes stressy, as soon as Balin marries Gilda, the ex-friend of Johnny. She is creating affaires also others, plus Johnny has to do a lot, that Balin doesn’t search out knowledgeable just about this. Due to many abundant illegal stuffs Balin does, he has to quit Argentinia inside a way, that he looks to engagement insensitive given that everybody. After this Johnny marries Gilda, other than not as he bask in her, other than as he requests to punish her of not beeing dependable to Balin. But stuffs are not stepping into the drive Johnny has planed

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Scarface (1932)

Genre : Crime, Drama, Film-Noir

Cast : Paul Muni as Antonio 'Tony' Camonte , Ann Dvorak as Francesca 'Cesca' Camonte , Karen Morley as Poppy , Osgood Perkins as John 'Johnny' Lovo , C. Henry Gordon as Insp. Ben Guarino , George Raft as Guino Rinaldo , Vince Barnett as Angelo , Boris Karloff as Gaffney , Purnell Pratt as Mr. Garston, publisher , Tully Marshall as Managing editor , Inez Palange as Mrs. Camonte , Edwin Maxwell as Chief of detectives

Plot : An ambitious plus moving closer insanely dire gangster climbs the chain of command of sensation inside the mob, save for his weaknesses persuade engagement his downfall.

Run Time : 93 min

Country : USA

Language : English | Italian

Company : The Caddo Company

Trivia : Ranked #6 on the American Film Institute’s type of the 10 most eminent films inside the family “Gangster”. The cover version Scarface (1983), starring Al Pacino, is ranked #10 inside June 2008.

Goofs : Continuity: When the Northside guys toss a body out of the car, it lands countenance down, nevertheless as Tony furthermore the others examine the body, it is countenance up.

Plot Summary : Big Louis Costillo, closing of the old-style gang leaders is slain, as nonetheless as his previous bodyguard Tony Camonte is conveyed into custody. Since Costillo’s body has on no account been found, the observe ought to exposes him, even though they strongly smell Johnny Lovo expended Tony to cast off Big Louis. Tony begins capturing more than the rackets inside town plus sweeping enforcement, as nonetheless as he becomes a hazard to Johnny as nonetheless as the esoteric bosses except they activity since Tony. Meanwhile, Tony’s cousin requests to engagement added independent, save for finds it demanding to flee loves her brother’s overprotective grasp. The defeat of the esoteric bosses as nonetheless as the relentless seek of the observe exerting Tony towards a foremost confrontation.

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Clash by Night (1952)

Director : Fritz Lang

Genre : Drama, Film-Noir

Cast : Barbara Stanwyck as Mae Doyle D'Amato , Paul Douglas as Jerry D'Amato , Robert Ryan as Earl Pfeiffer , Marilyn Monroe as Peggy , J. Carrol Naish as Uncle Vince , Keith Andes as Joe Doyle , Silvio Minciotti as Papa D'Amato , Tony Martin as Singer of 'I Hear a Rhapsody' (voice)

Plot : Mae Doyle comes oblige to her fatherland a sarcastic woman. Her cousin Joe likelihoods that his love, fish cannery recruit Peggy… more |

Run Time : 105 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Monterey, California, USA

Company : Wald/Krasna Productions

Tag Lines : Livin' in my house! Lovin' another man! Is that what you call bein' honest? That's just givin' it a nice name!

Plot Summary : Mae Doyle comes do a person a service to her fatherland a ironic woman. Her blood brother Joe expectations that his love, fish cannery personnel Peggy, may perhaps twist wakeful love Mae. Mae marries Jerry plus has a baby; she is smiling nevertheless restless, enticed to Jerry’s buddy Earl.

The bitter plus ironic Mae Doyle wages to the fishing village where she was raised beyond deceptive savours plus being alive inside New York. She meets her brother, the fisherman Joe Doyle, plus he lodges her inside his home. Mae is courted by Jerry D’Amato, a satisfactory plus impractical mature person that owns the boat where Joe works, plus he introduces his mean pal Earl Pfeiffer, who perform for theater’s projectionist plus is cheated by his wife. She achieves not admire Earl plus his jokes, save for Jerry considers him his pal plus they all the time make out each other. Mae decides to come bright with the ideas of Jerry plus they find became conjugal with plus single once a year in a while they taste a toddler girl. When the helpmate of Earl trees him, he becomes down plus Mae, who is jaded in addition to her loveless marriage, has an problem in addition to him.

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Shadow of a Doubt (1943)

Director : Alfred Hitchcock

Genre : Crime, Film-Noir, Mystery, Thriller

Cast : Teresa Wright as Charlotte 'Charlie' Newton , Joseph Cotten as Uncle Charlie Oakley , Macdonald Carey as Jack Graham , Henry Travers as Joseph Newton , Patricia Collinge as Emma Newton , Hume Cronyn as Herbie Hawkins , Wallace Ford as Fred Saunders , Edna May Wonacott as Ann Newton , Charles Bates as Roger Newton , Irving Bacon as Station Master , Clarence Muse as Pullman Porter , Janet Shaw as Waitress Louise Finch , Estelle Jewell as Catherine

Plot : A tender grown man discovers her visiting “Uncle Charlie” would not troth the woman he gives the impression to be.

Run Time : 108 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : 904 McDonald Avenue, Santa Rosa, California, USA

Company : Skirball Productions

Trivia : Hitchcock required William Powell to play around Uncle Charlie, except MGM refused to lend the performer since the film. So the role went to Joseph Cotten.

Goofs : Continuity: Near the starting of the movie, Ann explanations the ring up whilst the telegraph place of business calls. She delivers the entirety her explanations without pausing prolonged ample to accept the visitor to respond.

Tag Lines : A Blast of DRAMATIC Dynamite exploded right before your eyes!

Plot Summary : The Newton set show a calm vitality inside the North California town of Santa Rosa. The Newton’s eldest daughter, ‘young Charlie’, decides that stuffs crave brightening conscious plus resolves to communiqué her Uncle Charlie (after whom she is named) plus ask him to stay. On surfacing at the telegraph headquarters she discovers he is prior to now on his way. However, Uncle Charlie is individual pursued by a volume of detectives who sense him of individual "The Merry Widow Murderer", an evil strangler required inside point also the deaths of many prosperous East beach widows.

Young Charlie Newton not hardly shares a point out plus her beloved uncle, except a really unusual bond. At durations she feels the adorable grown-up is the hardly one and only who comprehends her have to be compelled to engagement extordinary furthermore that she is more proficient than the miniature town she lives in. So, as soon as continuation is excessively dreary she request on him to visit. However, upon the approach of two detecitves, one in every of whom becomes extremely on the pilot of adolescent Charlie, furthermore a row of unusal tips regarding the mystifying ‘Merry Widow Murderer’, her Uncle Charlie’s behavor begins to change. Young Charlie starts to get a whiff of that the grown-up she just once idiolized is not no matter what he gives the impression furthermore for her universe shatters, she fathoms that her continuation could engagement inside danger.

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The Killing (1956)

Director : Stanley Kubrick

Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller, Film-Noir

Cast : Sterling Hayden as Johnny Clay , Coleen Gray as Fay , Vince Edwards as Val Cannon , Jay C. Flippen as Marvin Unger , Ted de Corsia as Policeman Randy Kennan (as Ted DeCorsia) , Marie Windsor as Sherry Peatty , Elisha Cook Jr. as George Peatty (as Elisha Cook) , Joe Sawyer as Mike O'Reilly , James Edwards as Track Parking Attendant , Timothy Carey as Nikki Arcane , Kola Kwariani as Maurice Oboukhoff , Jay Adler as Leo the Loanshark , Tito Vuolo as Joe Piano – motel manager , Dorothy Adams as Mrs. Ruthie O'Reilly , Herbert Ellis as 2nd American Airlines Clerk

Plot : Crooks finances with massacred a courageous racetrack robbery.

Run Time : 85 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Bay Meadows Racetrack – 2600 S. Delaware Street, San Mateo, California, USA

Company : Harris-Kubrick Productions

Trivia : The motorized vehicle Nikki was instilling was a MG TD.

Goofs : Crew or furniture visible: When Sherry is confiscating her merit inside their room, George is flowing toward her. When he knocks his mark, denoting that he is abandoning out, the shadow of a crew member’s breed is plainly detected on his shirt furthermore at that time go by on the correct side.

Tag Lines : These 5 Men Had a $2,000,000 Secret Until One of them told this Woman!
…In All Its Fury and Violence
…Like No Other Picture Since "Scarface" and "Little Caesar"!

Plot Summary : After attaining out of prison, Johnny Clay masterminds a multifaceted race-track heist, nonetheless his plan is complicated by the intervention of the mate of a teller (George Peatty) inside on the scheme, the boyfriend of the wife, airport regulations, with a trivial dog.

Johnny Clay has a plan. After spending 5 time inside Alcatraz, he decides that if he’s attending to commit crimes, the threat skillful superior engagement cost the punishment. He subsequently wages to mastermind a shining criminal design to slink $2,000,000 bask in a local racetrack inside which "no solitary will find hurt." The barely flaw inside his budget is that he accomplishes not accept as specific that one among his co-horts’ greedy, shrewish mate in addition to her ruthless boyfriend. That’s once something perform wrong…

Ex-convict Johnny Clay (Sterling Hayden) tells his gal friend, Fay (Coleen Gray), he has purposes as creating money, plus really he has. He processions conscious a gang plus brings one another inside on a seemingly fool-proof ideas to rob a race direction of $200,000. The initially thread unravels as soon as Sherry Peatty (Marie Windsor), lady of gang-member George Peatty (Elisha Cook, Jr.), tells her boyfriend Val Cannon (Vince Edwards) just about the plan, plus he cuts himself inside on that performance also. The robbery is ended plus the gang operates to the hideout where Johnny will converge one another later. Val sticks conscious the robbers, an attempt is fired, plus the entirety workforce are presently dispatched. Johnny, as well as the capital riches inside a suitcase, joins Fay at the airport. And the chubbiness mature man moreover hasn’t sung.

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White Heat (1949)

Director : Raoul Walsh

Genre : Action, Crime, Film-Noir

Cast : James Cagney as Arthur 'Cody' Jarrett , Virginia Mayo as Verna Jarrett , Edmond O'Brien as Vic Pardo , Margaret Wycherly as Ma Jarrett , Steve Cochran as Big Ed Somers , John Archer as Philip Evans , Wally Cassell as 'Cotton' Valletti , Fred Clark as Daniel Winston

Plot : A psychopathic criminal along furthermore a mama multifarious pigeonholes a audacious squash bask in detention center with leads his of age gang inside a chemical set payroll heist. Shortly following the budget gets rid of place, occurrences receive a weirdo turn

Run Time : 114 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California, USA

Company : Warner Bros. Pictures

Trivia : If the amaze expressed by James Cagney’s guy

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (1956)

Director : Fritz Lang

Genre : Crime, Film-Noir, Drama

Cast : Dana Andrews as Tom Garrett , Joan Fontaine as Susan Spencer , Sidney Blackmer as Austin Spencer , Arthur Franz as Bob Hale , Philip Bourneuf as Roy Thompson , Edward Binns as Lt. Kennedy , Shepperd Strudwick as Jonathan Wilson , Robin Raymond as Terry Larue , Barbara Nichols as Dolly Moore , William F. Leicester as Charlie Miller (as William Leicester) , Dan Seymour as Greco , Rusty Lane as Judge , Joyce Taylor as Joan Williams , Carleton Young as Allan Kirk , Trudy Wroe as Hatcheck girl

Plot : Writer kinds himself wakeful to get murder rap to approach the errors of spontanepous evidence. With a friend… more |

Run Time : 80 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : Bert E. Friedlob Productions

Trivia : The concluding flick that ‘Fritz Lang’ configured inside the USA previous redeeming to Germany.

Tag Lines : Put them all together they spell M-U-R-D-E-R !
What kind of man would frame himself for MURDER?

Plot Summary : Writer classes himself unsleeping to receive murder rap to present oneself the errors of unintentional evidence. With an exponent adjudging come to someone’s rescue proof thence he could display his innocence at the preceding minute, he move to trial. But at assorted the theater in the trial, his pal is slayed inside a automobile accident.

The owner of an imperative newspaper Austin Spencer opposes to the resources punishment plus clearly to the prosecutor Roy Thompson, who has easily succeeded inside an endeavor proportional to accidental evidences. When a dancer is strangled plus the regulate go through no suspect, Austin convinces his drawing close son-in-law, the important creator Tom Garrett, to place accidental insignia to self-incriminate, moment he may perhaps admit pictures, receipts plus varying insignia of his innocence till the absolutely most recent moment. Later Austin may perhaps take off a promotion inside his newspaper disclosing the likelihood of sending an harmless to the microelectronic chair. They commit to hide the specific savours Austin’s baby girl Susan as she would not treatment the shape lower than stress. When the jury withdraws savours the court inside the whole of the rehearsal to fall to pieces the sentence, Austin takes out the insignia that make obvious the innocence of Tom savours his safe, although has a motorized vehicle disaster plus dies. Tom is sentenced to decease penalty plus aims to persuade Susan of his innocence because his most recent hope.

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The Big Sleep (1946)

Director : Howard Hawks

Genre : Crime, Film-Noir, Mystery, Thriller

Cast : Humphrey Bogart as Philip Marlowe , Lauren Bacall as Vivian Rutledge , John Ridgely as Eddie Mars , Martha Vickers as Carmen Sternwood , Dorothy Malone as Acme Bookstore Proprietress , Peggy Knudsen as Mona Mars , Regis Toomey as Chief Inspector Bernie Ohls , Charles Waldron as General Sternwood , Charles D. Brown as Norris the Butler , Bob Steele as Lash Canino , Elisha Cook Jr. as Harry Jones , Louis Jean Heydt as Joe Brody rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Pat Clark as Mona Mars (scenes deleted), James Flavin as Capt. Cronjager (scenes deleted), Thomas E. Jackson as District Attorney White (scenes deleted)

Plot : Private undercover agent Philip Marlowe is hired by an upscale family. Before the multifaceted case is over, he’s realized murder, blackmail, in addition to anything may possibly troth love.

Run Time : 114 min | 116 min (pre-release version)

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Warner Brothers Burbank Studios – 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA

Company : Warner Bros. Pictures

Trivia : Charles Waldron’s (Gen Sternwood) end film. He gave wide awake the ghost ahead of the motion picture was released.

Goofs : Continuity: When Mr. White demanded Marlowe, “your eager to lose your license since the case” Marlowe responds by longing right away at him, other than whilst Mr. White demanded him an extra question, the camera at once cuts to Marlowe longing the varied course of action (as if he certainly not view Mr. White inside the originally time).

Tag Lines : The type of man she hated . . . was the type she wanted !
TEEMING WITH STAR-TEAM EXCITEMENT! (re-release print ad – all caps)
It's terrific!
It's a smash!
The Violence-Screen's All-Time Rocker-Shocker!
The picture they were born for!

Plot Summary : Summoned by the dying General Sternwood, Philip Marlowe is solicit to upset more than a few drawbacks that are worrying his family. Marlowe finds that each difficulty centers on the issue of the disappearance of Sternwood’s favoured staff who has disappeared in addition to a mobster’s wife. Each of the drawbacks becomes a safe haven because something also for Marlowe probes.

Private-eye Philip Marlowe is hired to stock an take a gander at on General Sternwood’s teenybopper daughter, Carmen, who has fallen into dreadful agency as in any case as is possible to do several ache to herself as in any case as her style sooner than long. He almost immediately finds himself crumbling care and her more established sister, Vivien, who principally removes a deep abhors to Mr Marlowe. However, the organization thickens as soon as murder follows murder…

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