October Sunset (2012)

Genre : Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Cast : Olivier Lafond-Martel as Philippe Riopel , Nick Desjardins as Jonathan ‘Joe’ Riopel , Jessica Charlebois as Line Legendre , Sébastien Devries as Étienne Lepage , Samuel Fortin as Dr. Alain Larrivière , Andreanne Valin as Alyssa Ducharme , Jessica Riel-Dery as Veronique Bellavance , Simon Legros as Sebastien Marleau , Melanie Guimont as Julie Parizeau , Mathieu Simpson as Denis Riopel , Cedric Blondin as Daniel Marleau

Plot : Suffering delight in a magic that has lasted at the least four centuries, Philippe Riopel, 17, is unhappy delight in this curse. Day succeeding tomorrow, the nuclear family of Philip disappear in addition to he will value each other inside ahead of disasters inside past to engagement able to excepting wakeful previous the conclude of the universe October 31.

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