Against the Wind (2012)

Genre : Adventure, Drama

Cast : Randy Jones as President of the United States, Bruce Williamson as Deputy Bruce, Peter Speach as Agent John Speach, Ron Nummi as Sheriff, Brad Batchelor as Captain Alex Jamieson, Robert P. Johnson II as Robert Washington, Dean Lyons as Deputy Wolf, David Abrams as Schooner Seaman, Kitra Williams as Lead Church Singer and mourner, Samual Tate as Preacher Tate, Dora Tate as Granny, Lucas Hayes as Jake – Deputy, Andre DeRiso as Lt. Richards, Dale Gould as Jack York, Audrey Tate as Church choir

Plot : Against the probability of existence WW1 flyer’s inside the Lafayette Esquadrille threat the entirety given that honor plus conquest. The adventurers tempo completes not absolute once the ravages of struggle in addition to absorbed friends is over. As sought after subsequent to undercover agents X WW1 pilots are accepted by the foremost narcotics bracket of the U.S. Treasury Department to disagreement the international Opium trade, their way. From a living of struggle in addition to assassinations retirement is the eventual goal. No relaxation since the tired once the local Civil authorities intermixed plus the Klan in addition to its bigotry take that retirement into revenge.

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