Urban Fighter (2012)

Genre : Action

Cast : Mike Möller as Mikey , Volkram Zschiesche as Slater , Oliver Juhrs as Rene , Mathis Landwehr as Mathis , Alister Mazzotti as CEO , Nico Sentner as Chief Henriksen, Spiros Anastassiadis as Gang Member, Michael Bornhütter as Tramp, Michael Braun as Chris, Najely Chumana as Mia, Sigo Heinisch as Prison Officer, Bernhard Häfner as Ben, Alessandro Janus as Rico, Steffen Jung as Slater’s right hand, Dirk Rabe as Blood Member, Eskindir Tesfay as Essi

Plot : The “Bloods” are the more daunting to plus dire gang inside the city. A lawless city… where gangs mechanism the streets… The spiteful plus blood thirsty murderer Slater is their leader. The city is his domain… he rules! There are victims not members of gangs such since Mikey plus his friends. Mikey lives on the edge, he is exciting plus forever inside dilemma plus fights. His male relative Mathis plus his friends try out to evade dilemma at any cost.

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