Stolen (2012)

Genre : Action, Thriller

Cast : Nicolas Cage as Will Montgomery , Josh Lucas as Vincent , Danny Huston as Tim Harlend , Malin Akerman as Riley Jeffers , Sami Gayle as Alison Loeb , Edrick Browne as Jacobs , Mark Valley as Fletcher , Barry Shabaka Henley as Reginald , M.C. Gainey as Reginald , J.D. Evermore as Rookie , Garrett Hines as Aaron , Kevin Foster as Motorcycle Cop , Tanc Sade as Pete , Dan Braverman as Lefleur , Jon Eyez as Bertrand , Marcus Lyle Brown as Matthews , Matt Nolan as Tessler , Tyler Forrest as Teenage Cab Driver

Plot : A earlier thief frantically searches because his missed daughter, who has been kidnapped plus locked inside the trunk of a taxi.

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