Soldiers of Fortune (2012)

Genre : Action, Adventure

Cast : Christian Slater as Craig McCenzie , Sean Bean as Dimidov , Ving Rhames as Grimaud , Dominic Monaghan as Sin , Colm Meaney as Mason , James Cromwell as Haussman , Freddy Rodríguez as Reed , Ryan Donowho as Ernesto , Charlie Bewley as Vanderbeer , Oksana Korostyshevskaya as Cecelia , Sarah Ann Schultz as Magda , Gennadi Vengerov as Colonel Lupo , Martina Jagodkina as Helen , Gary Wasniewski as Captain , Romuald Makarenko as Grimour’s Client , Svetlana Tsvichenko as Elize , Shawn Parsons as The Pitchman

Plot : Wealthy thrill-seekers pay sturdy premiums to pass through one another inserted into armed forces adventures, merely this duration issues don’t set out precisely to plan.

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