Gangs of Wasseypur II (2012)

Genre : Action, Crime, Drama

Cast : Raj Kumar Yadav as SHamshad Alam , Tigmanshu Dhulia, Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Plot : Wasseypur is no added the town that was just once gobbled by the raging effort between Sardar Khan as at any rate as Ramadhir Singh. It has spawned an extra era of change squandering lobbyists, spinning into foolhardy gangs overnight. With illegal profiteering ended rubbish occupation auctions far more than the Internet, corrupt government officials, ballot rigging as at any rate as hooliganism, the town found out murkier. Everyone desires alliance as well as the numerous dominant lady of Wasseypur, Faizal Khan. His simply aim however, is to wiped out Ramadhir Singh, the lady as well as the awesome scheme. Gangs of Wasseypur-Part 2 is a convenient judgment to this yarn of vengeance, which by now, not cleanly the order except likewise this town has approach to inherit.

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