Freelancers (2012)

Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery

Cast : Robert De Niro as Sarcone, Forest Whitaker as LaRue, 50 Cent as Malo, Dana Delany, Beau Garrett as Joey, Michael McGrady as Robert Jude, Anabelle Acosta as Cyn, Matt Gerald as Billy Morrison, Raeden Greer as White Girl, Jeff Chase as Angie, Amin Joseph as Shady, Malcolm Goodwin as AD, Dominique DuVernay as Latin Girl, Ryan O’Nan as Lucas, Michelle Torres as Party Girl, Sam Medina as Body Guard #2, Hilary Cruz as Sexy Girl, Danny A. Abeckaser as Louie, Cassie Shea Watson as Karlin, Roger Edwards as Ricky, Javier Carrasquillo as Uptown Felix, Grant Case as Off-Duty Cop, Douglas M. Griffin as Harrison, Lily Virginia Filson as Dancer, Felder Charbonnet as Arresting officer

Plot : The youngster of a slain NYPD officer joins the force, where he falls inside also his father’s previous wife plus a lineup of cur cops.

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