The Extra (2013)

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Tyrone Power Jr. as Derrick Stone / Joe Fierrereaux , John Saxon as Victor Vallient , Angela Oakenfold as Mary , Lila Urda as Brooke Banks , Tom Tangen as Maxie Maxwell , Eddy Salazar as Will Hart , Ray Quiroga as The Director , David Imani as Tommy , Inge Jaklyn as Hattie Pin , Mike Quiroga as Camera Man , Javier Montoya as Vincent , Alicia Glaser as read more...

Expecting (2013)

Cast : Antoinette Valente as Recovering Addict

Plot : When Andie (Michelle Monaghan, gets pregnant subsequent to a lone midnight stand, she throws up to come apart the little one to her succor , who has been ineffective to conceive. But might their friendship go on the pregnancy? read more...

The Magic Stone (2013)

Genre : Thriller

Cast : Dane Deaner as Josh Edwards , Natasha Wynnyk as Jennifer Thomas , William Thomas Jones as David Durbin , Timothy Casto as Harry , Alisha Seaton as Linda Edwards , Bryan Hurd as Andy Edwards , John Moreaux as Young Josh Edwards , Matthew Campbell as Ryan , Kyle Cowgill as Danny

Plot : A sail into the wits of a destitute grown-up who is read more...

The Underneath (2013)

Genre : Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Cast : , Holt Boggs as Wayne, Bryan Chatlien as Climber, Larry Jack Dotson as Kendall, Rebekah Kennedy as Creature, Ashlynn Ross as Creature, Natalie Wilemon as Jessie

Plot : A adolescent newlywed pair evaluate one another fixed inside a network of underground caves. With her better half injured. read more...

A New York Love Story (2013)

Genre : Drama, Romance

Cast : Richard Short as The Painter , Apolla Echino as Delphine , Siobhan Flynn as Stella , Miguel Pinzon as Miguel , Courtney Reed as Ryder other cast: , Sam Underwood as Levi, Stephen Mendel as Dr. Hoffman, Tyrone Brown as Sammy, Stevie Steel as Stephanie, Thomas Beaudoin as The European, Justin Reinsilber as Rich

Plot : A smart dancer

The Ghosts on Hurdle Avenue (2013)

Genre : Thriller

Cast : Caitlyn Taylor Love as Eva Luján , Kevin Forrest Clark as Dominic Luján , Aidan Vitela as Andrés Luján , Jorge Diaz as Carlos Luján , Bill Ross as Al Stevens rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Anthony Amos as Officer #5, Antoinette Anders as Nurse, Suzanne Ard as Town resident, Jordan Balla as Town resident, Kristi Balla as Town resident, read more...

Parallax (2013)

Genre : Western

Cast : Jeff Bosley as Wayne Johnson, Elgin Cahill as Auditioning Actor, Andrew Hunter as Auditioning Actor, Shale Le Page as Radio Host, Kaleb Rittenhouse as Cameron, Laura Stephens as Cameron’s Script Supervisor, Sam Steveson as Bernadette (as Samantha Steveson), Arno van Zoeren as Villain

Plot : Modern-day filmmakers Cameron furthermore

Rearview (2013)

Genre : Comedy, Crime, Drama

Cast : Fresno Phinx as Fresno , Alicia Kapudag as Serafina , Lawrence Bill as Sonny , Mark Grice as Francois ‘Demigo’ Liotta , Dave Thompson as Bob , Norie Nersisyan as Jack , Bobbi Jaye as Daphne , John Burkitt as Killer , Tracey Biina as Sonny’s Girl , Anna Jankovich as Jack’s Girl , Mladen Lukic as Fighter 1 , Issac read more...

Oishi High School Battle: Kawaii Collection Vol. 1 (2013)

Cast : Cathy Shim as Oishi Kawaii

Plot : We the entirety experience that single classmate inside costly model that doesn’t somewhat hold inside as she’s an intergalactic demon searcher fancy outer space. At Valley Center High that classmate is Oishi Kawaii. read more...

Kungfu Kid (2013)

Genre : Action

Cast : Ye Jianwei, Chen Ke, Liu Ruicheng Directed by Dou Xiao

Plot : A child hastened into the Shaolin Temple in addition to crushed several monks because evidence he was make the grade given that individual a follower of Shaolin Abbot. read more...